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14! they/he/it! peruvian-american!
english + spanish (not fluent in spanish tho)

INFP (?) 9w1 Neutral Good
Prospit, Rogue of Life, Cansci

☉cancer, ☽virgo,↑sagittarius, ☿cancer, ♀virgo, ♂taurus

interests: earthbound, homestuck, pokemon, danganronpa,
neon genesis evangelion, & mcr :)! <3


  • homestuck

  • math

  • drawing

  • making kandi

  • extreme eyeliner

  • short fluffy emo boy hair

  • platform boots

  • creative writing

  • black and red

  • when my hairs rly tangled and messy :)


  • this one freaking Spirited Away shirt that is sky blue and white tie-dye

  • greasy elitest gamer men

  • idfk like communists

  • tiny little holes

  • ballet flats

dni if

basic dni criteria is applicable here (dni if homophobic etc.)
also if you fetishize mlm and wlw couples n such

before you follow,

i am a minor!!!
i use a lot of exclamation points, commas, and periods in my texting
i like homestuck and danganronpa
I almost always follow back (only on PDB)

*generally, i cant access too many websites so please understand if i only have 1 way to communicate with you! *

music artists and composers i like

disclaimer: jimmy urine is a shit person fuck him

  • jeff rosenstock

  • the scary jokes

  • my chemical romance

  • joe arroyo

  • héctor lavoe

  • rubén blades

  • bad religion

  • willie colón

  • PhemieC

  • toby fox

  • green day

  • jack stauber

  • thundercat

  • Weezer (unironically)

  • no doubt

  • nirvana

  • penelope scott

  • the living tombstone

  • bad brains

  • germs

  • rancid

  • sublime


  • nastyona

  • oscar d'león

  • gorillaz

  • mitski

  • temporex

  • rex orange county

  • lemon demon

  • cavetown

  • cannibal corpse (just a little)

  • msi (i hate them dw)

  • hideki naganuma

  • junichi masuda

  • minako adachi

  • go ichinose

  • shota kageyama

  • hitomi sato

  • teruo taniguchi

  • curt blakeslee

i Know that this list is long. i wont hesitate to add like 30 more ppl to this list. also thanks 4 reading


cool stuff abt me also dni lol

cascade dave!! (homestuck)